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Its winter here.

Cold and snowy, prompting dreams of someplace warm and tropical.

Blue skies. Sandy beaches. Calm blue seas. A gentle breeze.

azure_blog2.jpgAhhhhh. Feel the relaxation.

Our Azure baby sling from the Sakura Bloom Luxe Collection inspires dreams of blue perfection, of a cloudless sky and an inviting ocean.

Crafted from exquisite wild-sourced tussah silk, the Azure sling is perfect for winter days as well as summer ones.

Vibrant and yet subtle at the same time, this color matches just about everything and flatters just about everyone.

Try out our Azure sling. What perfectly blue things does it have you dreaming of?

Ode to Tussah (with apologies to Pablo Neruda)


The silk

with its imperfections,

gorgeous, perfect

on the loom.

Made slowly

by hands

which remember across

the generations.

The worm,

now the moth,

spreads its wings

rides the wind:

and the silk,


bears the child and knows it is good.




If you know your textiles, you know tussah. Gorgeous, complex, the sort of textile in which you see something new with every glance.

Our new Luxe Collection has six slings made from wild tussah–Azure, Flor, Mother of Pearl, Rioja, Sandstone, and Verde. Wild tussah is an eco-friendly silk, made from the cocoons of wild silk moths after the moth emerges. Our specially sourced tussah is traditionally woven with hand dyed silk threads. The result is a sumptuous textile, strong but soft, and with beautiful prismatic hues. Sustainable and simply irresistable!


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