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Together with 15 babywearing businesses, Sakura Bloom speaks out on News ImageBabywearing Safety via the Associated Press.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) March 11, 2010 — With the publication of an Associated Press article regarding the CPSC government warning on baby slings and the Consumers Union’s concerns about “bag-style” slings, the companies co-sponsoring this release are taking a stand to help educate the public on the differences between safe vs. unsafe baby slings and carriers as detailed below. Continue reading…

This press release is co-sponsored by the following awesome companies:

Hotslings, Maya Wrap, Moby Wrap, Wrapsody, Gypsymama, Together Be, Kangaroo Korner, Taylormade Slings, Scootababy, Bellala Baby, Catbird Baby, SlingEZee, ZoloWear, HAVA, SlingRings and Sakura Bloom.


Tell us a little about yourself, your family, and your love of babywearing.
I have 3 children Ella 7, Brennan 4 & Finn 8 weeks. I have been babywearing since my first child was just a few months old and here I am seven years later (where does the time go)! I am a full time Mommy & part time Photographer.I am actually just getting back to work since having Finn and will be wearing him during my upcoming photo sessions.


What was your “a-ha” moment with baby carriers?
When I had my second child I really realized how wonderful babywearing truly is & how important is is to have your hands free!

What is your favorite thing about a ring sling?
I love that it is adjustable giving a perfect fit every time. I also think they are so pretty.


Clearly we’re biased, but we love photos of parents with babies in slings.  What do you like most about photographing infants?
There is nothing more beautiful than capturing the closeness of a parent and child…babywearing creates an amazing closeness. My absolute favorite thing to photograph is an infant in a sling.

What is your Sakura Bloom sling of choice?
Right now we only have our Simple Linen in Organic Raven (which we love) but if I could pick any one it would have to from the Luxe line and probably Moondance.


Thanks to Stephenie and Finn for sharing with us!

carrie_heather2What’s even better than sharing baby sling love with your children?  Having a close friend who does as well.  At Sakura Bloom, we hear a lot from parents who are teaching the ropes to their friends and family, showing them the hows, whens, and whys of using a baby sling.  Our dream is to reach the point where everyone on the block knows how to put on and use a sling.

Two women in Chicago are helping us get closer to this goal by spreading the word with style and care.  We’re thrilled to introduce them to you in this interview, two of our favorite Sakura Bloom mothers: Carrie and Heather!

Tell us about yourselves, your families, and your favorite things.

Heather – I’ve been married to Mark for 8 years and have two kids, Moriah who is 3 and Isaac who is 8 months old.  I stay at home with the kids and love being a Mom.  My first experience with slings was when I was on a missions trip to Malawi, Africa in my college days.  I always thought that someday when I had kids of my own I’d love to use the simplicity of a sling.  I like to get my hands into many different crafts and hobbies and always seem to be doing some project.


Carrie – I have degrees in math and physics.  When my son came home, I expected to go back to graduate school a few months later.  Well, last words and all.  Turns out the little man needed me with him.  I am now the mother of two children, both born in South Korea.  My son is almost four and my daughter who just turned 2.  We live in Chicago, but still miss our hometown of Ann Arbor and hope to move back there someday.  My favorite things?  SHOES!  And BAGS!  And SLINGS!  Seriously, I freely admit that I have a passion for heels, handbags, and Sakura Bloom slings.  Did you know you can carry a baby in a Sakura Bloom sling while wearing 4″ heels and still be comfy?  Because you can.  I’ve done it.

I work part time while my husband is with the kids as a photographer.  It is something I fell into and really love.  I love the math side of it; I’m always seeing angles, etc. while I am shooting.  I think perhaps once the kids are in school, I will go back to grad school.  But we’ll see.


You two became friends through your love of baby carriers.  What have you learned from each other over the years?

Heather – I learned my love for ring slings from Carrie.  I used mostly mei tais and wraps and saw how easy a ring sling was with her kids and decided to give it a try.

Carrie – To not be such a stereotypical guilty mother!  Heather also taught me how to wrap.  I think I introduced her to Sakura Blooms? (Yes, she says I did)

People often can’t refrain from commenting on babies in slings.  What are the best comments you’ve received from strangers?

Heather – My favorite is always “I wish they had one of those when I had babies”.  I mostly just love being an example and then get such joy out of seeing my friends buy a sling for themselves.  Isaac is a real cuddler so lately I’ve been getting comments about how cozy the sling is and how much he seems to love it.

Carrie – The one I get most often is, “That’s the best seat in the house!”  Darn straight it is. Love it.


Do you share slings?

Heather – I’ll try them on… that’s how I fell in love with Sakura Bloom ring slings =)

Carrie – We have.  Not often enough though!

What do you wish all new parents knew about baby slings?

Heather – They’re simplistic.  They also encourage bonding and getting to know your child and his/her needs.  It also allows you to get other stuff done and to get around easily when a stroller isn’t always convenient.

Carrie – That they are the best things ever.  Seriously.  My babies are so comfortable in slings and I love having them close to me.  That and Sakura Blooms are comfortable and stylish!  Can’t beat that. They are fabulous in the city, as strollers just don’t always work so well on public transit.  I love how easily I can adjust my children in a Sakura Bloom from my hip to my lap (or from my back or from my front…) while riding a train.

I wish I could give every adoptive parent a sling.  Using them is probably the single best thing we did with both our children to encourage attachment.


If you could choose just one Sakura Bloom sling for each other, which one would it be and why?

Heather – Surf Luxe because of the amazing support for her kids and the color would be stunning on her and her kids.

Carrie – Sol Luxe because she looks amazing in orange and I hate her for it. 😉


(Thanks to Carrie, Heather, and their beautiful families from all of us at Sakura Bloom.  Next time in Chicago!)


Sakura Bloom is proud to debut our new Linen Artisan Collection. Handcrafted from luscious Irish linens, these new slings are truly one of a kind! Colors selected straight out of nature, and matched with an artisan’s eye, each sling is a wearable work of art. Double-layered and fully reversible, these slings are soft, strong, stylish, and comfortable for you and your child. Our Firefly, French Vanilla, and Taos slings feature bursts of color on the tail, while the Caffe Stripe, Fig Stripe, Freesia Stripe, Honeydew Stripe, and Sakura Bloom Stripe slings feature handpieced stripes that run the entire length of the sling. Every baby deserves one!

Want a whole new look?

Take your sling off, unthread it, turn it around and rethread. Put it on, put your baby in, and off you go. A brand new you!

All Sakura Bloom baby slings are reversible, and most reverse to a different color or pattern.

With our Chocolate~Terracotta sling from the silk Essential collection, you can wear chocolate on the outside, terracotta on the inside:

Or reverse it so that the terracotta is on the outside:

The striped slings from our Artisan Collection reverse beautifully. Haven’t seen one in person yet? They have the handpieced striped pattern across the entirety of the sling. That’s right, not just on the visible part of the sling, but the entire length of the sling.

Wear the solid side out for a burst of color at the tail:


Or, turn the sling around to wow everyone with the stripes on the outside!


Either way, you can’t go wrong!

Just like butter.

One of the beauties of natural fibers like silk and linen is that they move through the rings of a sling like butter. As a result, our Sakura Bloom baby slings adjust like a dream, and then the grippiness of these textiles ensures that they stay put once you have them adjusted.

Here’s a simple trick to make sure your sling always adjusts easily: keep the inner and outer edges of the fabric unbunched in the rings. That is, maintain that the inside and outside rails–the parts you pull on to adjust your sling–are flat and unbunched in the rings. The rest of the fabric can (and should!) be bunched in the rings. Bunch it any way you like. But, keep the edges flat and neat.

For more tips, see our Threading Your Sling instructions. Take the time to make sure your edges are smooth, and you’ll be working the rings like a pro!


Its winter here.

Cold and snowy, prompting dreams of someplace warm and tropical.

Blue skies. Sandy beaches. Calm blue seas. A gentle breeze.

azure_blog2.jpgAhhhhh. Feel the relaxation.

Our Azure baby sling from the Sakura Bloom Luxe Collection inspires dreams of blue perfection, of a cloudless sky and an inviting ocean.

Crafted from exquisite wild-sourced tussah silk, the Azure sling is perfect for winter days as well as summer ones.

Vibrant and yet subtle at the same time, this color matches just about everything and flatters just about everyone.

Try out our Azure sling. What perfectly blue things does it have you dreaming of?

This tip seems simple, but makes a difference: use your words. That is, talk to your baby. Tell them what you’re doing.

“Now I’m going to put you in the sling.” And in goes baby from your shoulder to the sling.

Or, when its time to come out, “Let’s get you out: one, two” and out on “three.”

So much happens without advance warning in your child’s world. Be considerate and helpful by giving them a heads’ up about what’s coming next.

Narrate it: in and out of the sling.

Talk to your baby now about what’s happening around and to them. Before you know it, they’ll be talking with you (and that’s a whole other conversation!).

Why use a baby sling? Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.


Can we describe a silk sling as silky? The color of this gorgeous tussah reminded us of just that—-a silky red wine. Delicious. Vibrant. Complex. So, what better name in tribute than one of the brilliant wines from Spain?

Our Rioja sling: lush, strong, and perfect for a nap with mom. rioja_blog.jpg

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