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So you’ve got a sling. Now what do you do?

Our best advice is this: before you put the sling on and try to put your baby in it, think about how you carry your child. Think about what position your baby likes best, about the way that you carry your child in your arms and recreate that position (as best you can) in the sling.

Does your baby like to be carried in the crook of your arm? Try the cradle carry. Or does he or she prefer to be carried more upright, looking over your shoulder in a burp position? Try the tummy-to-tummy carry. Does your baby really like to face forward? The kangaroo carry is the one to try. Don’t be afraid to experiment. As your child grows, you can try different carrying positions such as a hip carry or back carry.

Read our easy-to-follow instructions. Put on your sling, put your child in, and off you go!

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