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Wondering what sling the mom and baby on the July/August issue of Mothering Magazine are wearing?  A Sakura Bloom!  They are wearing our new Lime – Simple Silk sling!  Woohoo!

As is that weren’t cool enough, my sister Carole is quoted in the babywearing article.  She is interviewed not as part of Sakura Bloom but as her alter ego, professor of anthropology at the University of Colorado.

This issue will be a great resource for new parents and we’re thrilled to be a part of it!


When my son was born, a friend gave me a subscription to Brain, Child.

Cool, I thought, something new to read.

Well, almost four years later, I’m still reading and loving it (and renewing my subscription every year!).

Brain, Child, the “magazine for thinking mothers” is everything the other parenting magazines aren’t: its smart, its independent, it allows for disagreement, it doesn’t tell you what to do, it has articles that feel as if they were written by friends.

Espousing no particular parenting philosophy, Brain, Child instead provides an outlet for dealing with the experience of parenting. In their own words, magazine founders and editors Stephanie Wilkinson and Jennifer Neisslein explain Brain, Child as treating “motherhood as a subject worthy of literature.” Down-to-earth, commonsensical, and curious in a smart, articulate, but never snarky or cooler-than-thou way.

The current issue has articles on secret baptisms, diaper free infants, a debate on whether or not kids can have too many toys, recommendations for books and music and so much more: check out the table of contents and some of the articles here.

If you haven’t yet come across Brain, Child at your local bookstand, then trust me and treat yourself to a subscription. Then when the kids are asleep, run yourself a nice hot bath, grab your copy and get reading!

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