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In this series we introduce you to some of our wonderful retailers, the amazing women who are helping us to make the Spread the Love benefit a reality.  Please welcome Aurelia from The Frog and The Princess!

Tell us about a typical day in the life of Aurelia.
My days are scheduled from the moment I wake up at 6am to the moment I go to bed around 11.  I work for about an hour before I get my three kids up and off to school at 8:45, and then go straight to my office and work until 4.  I have a great team that I work with, and we work hard together everyday to keep everything running smooth at The Frog and The Princess.  From 4-6 is devoted to my children with homework and activities, then dinner, and then I check emails and updates for about another hour or so before finishing up the day getting the kids to bed and relaxing with my husband.  I absolutely love my job and my family and really enjoy my life!

If you could go on vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
I would go to Turks and Caicos.  It just seems so gorgeous and it does not entail the extra long plane ride that comes with a place like Hawaii!  I think a true vacation for me would be somewhere without a internet connection…

If you won the $100 giftcard to your own store, The Frog and The Princess, what would you get and why?
Okay, if I won the gift certificate to my own store, I would get bedding for my daughter.  She is 9 and already pushing for a “teen” room.  We have been looking and it is either going to be a classic look with Serena and Lily Shell quilt or a black and white theme.  Either way, there are tons of options to coordinate, and re-decorating her room is going to be fun for both of us.

Where can you find Aurelia online?
Blogging about the latest luxury offerings for your mini at The Frog and The Princess Shopping Blog.


The holidays are here and with them some wonderful online shopping guides. Here are some of our good ones with everything for your newborn son and your mother-in-law to your child’s teacher and everyone in between!


In addition to being one of our favorite parenting sites, Babble has one of the most comprehensive gift guides with categories ranging from clothes, toys, green gifts, and charity to children’s books, grandparents, and more. whitewater_blog.jpgBe sure to check out their luxury gift suggestions: we’re thrilled that they’ve recommended a Sakura Bloom sling as one of their choices.

In addition to their Safer Toys Guide, Cool Mom Picks also has a rockin’ Holiday Gift Guide. We love their categories (e.g., “For the Kindergartner With Every Freaking Toy In The World Already”) and breakdowns: thoughtful, generous, and over the top. Lots of great suggestions and coupon codes too!


Want to make your own gifts? Check out the info, forums, and action over at They’ve got all you need and more to have a handmade holiday!

And from us to you, our new Hana Collection of baby slings just in time for the holidays. A single layer of Belgian linen edged with dupioni silk. Soft, strong, and sassy. Priced right at $120 or pick up a Sakura Bloom gift certificate for your favorite mother, father, or heck, for yourself!

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