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Sakura Bloom is creating a babywearing group page on our website to help our customers find groups near them.  We would love to direct our customers to your group!  If you would like to be listed on our website, please contact us with the below information (and anything else you’d like to share).

Group Name:
Group Description (short):
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We look forward to joining forces with you to spread the babywearing love!

Want a whole new look?

Take your sling off, unthread it, turn it around and rethread. Put it on, put your baby in, and off you go. A brand new you!

All Sakura Bloom baby slings are reversible, and most reverse to a different color or pattern.

With our Chocolate~Terracotta sling from the silk Essential collection, you can wear chocolate on the outside, terracotta on the inside:

Or reverse it so that the terracotta is on the outside:

The striped slings from our Artisan Collection reverse beautifully. Haven’t seen one in person yet? They have the handpieced striped pattern across the entirety of the sling. That’s right, not just on the visible part of the sling, but the entire length of the sling.

Wear the solid side out for a burst of color at the tail:


Or, turn the sling around to wow everyone with the stripes on the outside!


Either way, you can’t go wrong!

Just like butter.

One of the beauties of natural fibers like silk and linen is that they move through the rings of a sling like butter. As a result, our Sakura Bloom baby slings adjust like a dream, and then the grippiness of these textiles ensures that they stay put once you have them adjusted.

Here’s a simple trick to make sure your sling always adjusts easily: keep the inner and outer edges of the fabric unbunched in the rings. That is, maintain that the inside and outside rails–the parts you pull on to adjust your sling–are flat and unbunched in the rings. The rest of the fabric can (and should!) be bunched in the rings. Bunch it any way you like. But, keep the edges flat and neat.

For more tips, see our Threading Your Sling instructions. Take the time to make sure your edges are smooth, and you’ll be working the rings like a pro!

Have baby in, but something doesn’t feel right?

No worries. (Really.)

Just take your baby out of the sling and try again. Or, reach your hands into the sling to adjust his or her legs. Whatever it takes to get yourself and your baby comfortable.

In the beginning it might take a week or so to master using your baby sling. Once you’ve got it down, though, its as easy as riding a bike.

Never fear following our rule of thumb: when in doubt, adjust. Even the most seasoned ring sling used will start over if he or she got it wrong the first time!

Check out our video instructions for using your Sakura Bloom baby sling.  We also have fabulous photo instructions for using your slings on our site.



Lots more videos here…

This is a tip for both you and your baby—wide back is for you, high back is for your baby. How’s that for two for the price of one?

When you put on your sling, take the time to make sure that the back is spread out nice and wide across your back. Here’s how to do this:

1. Put the sling on, then put your hand down into the pouch of the sling.

2. Keeping your hand in the pouch, move your hand around to your back, straightening out the fabric and spreading it wide across your back.

3. Once it feels right—-that is, not bunched or narrow, but flat and wide—take your hand out and put in your child!

4. If this sounds like alot, just try it. Once you’ve done it a few times, it should take about 2.5 seconds. No joke. We promise.

The high back part is just as easy. Simply make sure that the fabric comes up high on your child’s back. If the fabric only comes up to your child’s waist or lower back, take the child out of the sling, reopen the pouch with your hand to make sure that you have the sling on correctly (snug and tight against your body, and with enough fabric on the outside rail), and put your child back in.

Wide back, high back, and you’re good to go!

dsc_0069_1.jpgNow that the weather is a bit chilly, a new question presents itself as you head out with your baby in a sling: do I put the sling on over or under my jacket?

Here is where a ring sling really shines.

The adjustability of a ring sling means that you can do either. Wear your sling over your sweater or coat. Or, put your baby in the sling, and then put your jacket on over. Anything is possible with a ring sling!

While we love the over a sweater look for not too chilly days, under a coat or poncho can be just as nice and cuddly.

The Peekaru vest is a reat option for going over both of you. Other coats designed to turn you and your baby into a two-headed hydra are the Suse’s Kinder Babywearing Coat and the Mam Deluxe Babywearing Cover.

Don’t let cold weather stop you from getting out (like we did above in our SB Jewels sling). Over or under or anyway you do it, get on out!

img_1353.jpgIf there is one thing all babies love, its movement. Its no different with a baby sling. Put your baby in, secure the rails snugly around them, and get moving!

Walk. Sway. Vacuum.

Bounce gently on a yoga ball.

Do the can-you-tell-I’m-a-parent because I’m rocking back and forth move.

Dance. Get your groove on.

Movement calms babies and helps them settle comfortably into the sling. So get moving, get that baby smiling, and before you know it, your little one very well might be lulled to sleep.

67.jpgBy train, by plane, by automobile. By goat, by boat, in your hippest coat. Come one, come all to the Sakura Bloom trunk show and demo at MetroMini’s.

Wednesday. October 17. 10-2.

Everyone who tries on a sling receives a $25 gift certificate to Metro Mini’s. And, anyone who buys a sling is entered into a drawing to win a sling from our new Luxe Collection (a $540 value)! Word is spreading, so come see what all the buzz is about!

Feeling sleek? Looking for a tight, tailored look? Wrap your tail.

That is, once your child is in the sling and you have the rings adjusted to where you want them, take the “tail” of the sling, the part that hangs down from the rings. Wrap it around the rings. Have the contrasting side show for flair, or the matching side for continuity. Tuck the ends in or leave them out. Its up to you. And, its as simple as that.

Perfect for fathers, perfect for you.

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