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Tell us a little about yourself, your family, and your love of babywearing.
I have 3 children Ella 7, Brennan 4 & Finn 8 weeks. I have been babywearing since my first child was just a few months old and here I am seven years later (where does the time go)! I am a full time Mommy & part time Photographer.I am actually just getting back to work since having Finn and will be wearing him during my upcoming photo sessions.


What was your “a-ha” moment with baby carriers?
When I had my second child I really realized how wonderful babywearing truly is & how important is is to have your hands free!

What is your favorite thing about a ring sling?
I love that it is adjustable giving a perfect fit every time. I also think they are so pretty.


Clearly we’re biased, but we love photos of parents with babies in slings.  What do you like most about photographing infants?
There is nothing more beautiful than capturing the closeness of a parent and child…babywearing creates an amazing closeness. My absolute favorite thing to photograph is an infant in a sling.

What is your Sakura Bloom sling of choice?
Right now we only have our Simple Linen in Organic Raven (which we love) but if I could pick any one it would have to from the Luxe line and probably Moondance.


Thanks to Stephenie and Finn for sharing with us!

Feels like we’re getting lucky everywhere we turn these days, especially with three of our favorite companies: Lucky Fish, Lucky Jade, and Lucky Wang!

Lucky Fish makes amazing silk screened shirts that we drool over at Blue Skies in Boulder and on the Nonchalant Mom website (which you really must check out if you haven’t before!). I’ve had the Mi Amor onesie and shirt in my shopping cart more times than I can count, and am still kicking myself for not getting the super cool woman’s rooster shirt when it was available. Anyone out there with one, please send it my way when you’re done with it!

Lucky Jade is a great, new-to-us company that I discovered at the recent ABC Kids’ Expo in Las Vegas. Don’t tell them, but two children I know will be receiving a luscious Twig Hoodie Sweater under our Christmas tree this year.

Lucky Wang has an Asia-meets-NYC sort of aesthetic: traditional, yet edgy and urban at the same time. Kimono onesies, dragon shirts, even sakura kimonos, but the next item on my newborn lust list is the Shanghi Rose onesie (one of my classic China fabric loves). Bright, bold, and uber hip.

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