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Beautifully illustrated, lovingly narrated. Looking for a special gift for a new parent or for a child? A must-read for anyone interested in cross-cultural childrearing is Emery and Durga Bernhard’s A Ride on Mother’s Back: A Day of Baby Carrying Around the World.

I’ve been reading this with my son for two years now and we always find something new to talk about, some new detail to discuss. A baby carried in a net bag? Inside their mother’s coat? By their grandfather? Or big sister? And in carriers ranging from simple pieces of cloth to framed backpacks. This book has it all and is a great introduction to how people live their lives around the world. What we like most about it is not the range of baby carriers and cultures shown, but the love evident between child and caregiver on each page. Truly a book to keep on the shelf long after the carrying years!


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