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Linen or Silk? We thought that decision was about as controversial as it got when it came to baby slings. This past week, however, an advertisement for Motrin has sent the blogosphere spinning. Why? For, among other things, suggesting that using a baby carrier might not be comfortable.


Here at Sakura Bloom, we obviously disagree. We pride ourselves on making baby carriers that are comfortable for mom, dad, and baby. We’re not sure what carrier the folks at Motrin were using, but want to assure them that there are many comfortable baby carriers available these days. In addition to our ring slings, there are lots of comfortable carriers available in a range of styles: pouches, mei tais, wraps, soft structured carriers, and more.

If you’re using a baby carrier and not finding it comfortable, then ask for help. One great resource is The Babywearer website which has detailed information on how to choose and use a baby carrier, including active discussion forums with members from around the world.

Babywearing International is also a wonderful resource, and they publicly posted their response to Motrin on their site as well as a detailed analysis of the ad.

For their part, Motrin has pulled the ad and issued an apology, for which we say Bravo. In the future, should anyone at Motrin need a sling for research before launching a new mom-focused ad campaign, we’d be happy to send one that we know you will find comfortable.

In the midst of all this, though, let’s not forget what’s most important: snuggling with your children… or out of a sling.


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