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I’ve been in love with Grace Lin’s artwork ever since discovering Red is a Dragon for my son several years ago. Her drawings of people have a softness and a care to them that makes them feel like people you know, or, people you want to know. And her colors. Her colors!

Dynamic. Vibrant. Popping right off the page. Red is a dragon indeed! And pink? “Pink is the sunlight on my nose.”

A theme linking many of her illustrations is family and friendship—sharing, tradition, and joy. Eating, singing, kite flying and more. Everyday activities and holidays alike, from Chinese New Year to Christmas, and enough drawings of dim sum to make you want to hop in your car (or get on a plane) and get yourself to the nearest Chinatown you can find!

Her images are just lush on the pages of a book, wonderful for infants, toddlers, and parents alike.

Have some wall space you’ve been looking to fill? Some of her work is also available in print form for hanging in your child’s room, in your room, or just about anywhere. And, while I don’t play the lottery, if I ever win big, I’d love to commission a portrait of my family. Like the portrait below, I’d like it to be of us—of all my extended family—sitting around the table sharing a meal. Now that I think about it, I think I will buy a lottery ticket tomorrow. Who knows? Maybe dreams do come true!


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