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Amazing. Heartwarming. Grounding. Hands-down cool. And…how does she DO that?

These are just some of our reactions to Nikki McClure’s work–images cut into paper with an x-acto knife. One of us (ahem, me) has been building up a small collection of her art, and I love to frame her cards and posters as gifts.

Her work feels both loving and militant at the same time. A mother’s call to action whether its to be still with your child, to observe small details, to put your hands into the earth, or to rise up in arms.

She turns her art into cards and posters and notepads and calendars and the most delicious baby book ever: The First 1,000 Days. Find lots of her stuff (and other things you didn’t know you needed!) at indie-central

And, if you can get your hands on the current issue of the Hip Mama zine, it has her art on the cover—an image of a woman carrying her child on her back while she works in her yard. I can’t stop looking at it. It’s love.

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