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We have a new and wonderful store here in Boulder: MomentuM, a fair trade shop with a great selection of products from around the world. Over the holidays, I went a little nutty buying children’s books there and one of our new faves is Somewhere in the World Right Now.

Written and illustrated by Stacey Schuett, this is a gorgeous book that takes the reader around the world starting with the near break of day in London and east through Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas until arriving at bedtime in Boston.

Beautifully illustrated and laid out, with text that inspires curiosity about the world in little minds, this is a book to keep and savor as your children grow.

Already in love with this book? Then check out some of Stacey Schuett’s other books; next on our list is A Tree Is a Plant. What’s on your list?


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