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liya_lino_blog.jpgWalking down Toronto’s Queen Street West, we passed a tiny store front with hip, but unusual looking onesies in the window. In we went.

Once in the store, LINOliving designer and owner Cheryl Chapin showed us her LINObaby line, including her brilliant Thai fisherman’s pants for babies: the Thai Easy Pant. Wide legged, with a fold-over waistband that grows with baby, and made out of to-die-for Japanese cottons or perfect linens for summer. In two sizes: 4-14 months, and 15-24 months. An absolutely brilliant re-interpretation of a Thai classic.

Did we mention that these pants are brilliant?

On the spot, barely even looking at the price (although they were on sale at the time), I bought Baby L. an outfit (see above). Cream and dark charcoal. Colors one doesn’t often associate with babies, but that look just divine and seriously fashion-forward. In addition to being well thought-through in terms of design and fabric, the finishing on these pants is just superb. They are beautiful, right down to the cuffs, which are designed to be rolled up and then let down as baby grows, and to look perfect at each stage.

Really. Someone must start importing these to the U.S. and soon!

Now if only they came in adult sizes (especially for pregnant or postpartum women and all that growing and shrinking going on), then all would truly be perfect in the design world.

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