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kids-slings-blogOur kids love slinging their babies and bears, their doggies and dolls.  After months of watching mom and dad put on their slings, kids know just how to do it.  Even better, they often have a few style tricks up their sleeve too!

Our Sakura Bloom Children’s Play Sling are crafted out of our signature handwoven dupioni silk. In four simply gorgeous colors—candy pink, sky blue, jade green, and freesia blue—for little boys and girls.  Priced at $38, these slings are washable and adjustable, just like mom’s!

Great educational toys for helping kids learn about caring for someone smaller than they, a Children’s Play Sling will also touch your heart as you watch your little one cuddle and love her “baby” in her sling.

Welcome to our first installment of Sakura Bloom’s Men In Slings!

Our first father is Marco from Fremont, California, pictured here with his beautiful daughter. We love how comfortable they look, his daughter’s sweet polka dot pants, and that West Coast foliage in the background!

Read on for Marco’s insights on why baby slings are just as good for dads as they are for moms:

What is your favorite thing about a ring sling?

This is a bit selfish, but I love the freedom and independence it gives me. I’m able to do things without lugging around a huge stroller or worrying about accessibility.

Describe the moment you *got* it.

My wife has worn our daughter from her second week of life, so I’ve always seen that she was happiest that way. At first we had a Bjorn, but it pulled on my shoulders. I used it for a bit and then my wife did a lot of research and found out that Sakura Bloom ring slings are much more ergonomic and enjoyable. So after many conversations and trying out her slings, I got a Sakura Bloom of my own.

What do you wish other fathers knew about baby slings?

I wish other fathers knew how wearing your baby helps you to carry on doing the same things you did before you had the baby. I think a lot of dads think they’re stuck on the floor playing with their kids without being able to do anything else. I do chores, I am on the computer, I cook, I work on the garden, and I know exactly where my daughter is.

What is your Sakura Bloom sling of choice?

Although we own several Sakura Blooms, there is one that is just mine: its a Storm Simple Linen.

What do you use your sling for most?

I use it to put my daughter to sleep at night. When she’s really fussy and in a mood, cradle carry and a song puts her to sleep in 10 minutes!

(A big thank you to Marco from everyone at Sakura Bloom!)

Just in time for Father’s Day, we are launching a new feature on our blog:

Men In Slings!

People often assume that its just women who use baby slings, but no. Slings are for fathers, too.

So, starting this week, we’ll be showcasing fathers carrying their children in Sakura Bloom slings.

Dads who use slings will tell you that they can be like magic: soothing an unhappy child, perfect for nap time, and fun for a walk.

For those of you who haven’t yet discovered baby slings, here’s some encouragement from the SB Men In Slings home team:

Top 10 Things a Man Can Do While Hands-Free in a Sakura Bloom Sling:

10. Walk around Home Depot.

9. Play Tiger Woods ’08.

8. Watch the Red Sox.

7. Clean bottles.

6. Fix stuff.

5. Tie flies.

4. Make a sandwich.

3. Read the sports page.

2. Play at the park with your toddler.


1. Cuddle with your baby.

There’s something simply amazing about communicating with your infant via sign language.

The first time they sign to you just stops you in your tracks. Did my baby just sign to me, you think? Could it be? Wow! My baby is brilliant!

I signed some with my son (okay, confession: he really only signed one sign—“more”) and am now teaching my infant daughter to sign. We started when she was about eight months old, inspired by seeing Rachel from Signing Time perform at Baby Celebration LA.

L’s first sign was the one to nurse, and its still her most consistent and used sign (well, along with bye-bye). She’s also made up her own sign or two which we are working on deciphering.

There are many claims made about the benefits of signing. I don’t doubt that its beneficial to some degree, but mostly I just think its fun. Pamela Paul has an insightful article on Babble about infant sign language: Hands Across America: Is Baby Sign Language Essential or a Rip-off? Will it make your kid ace the SATs and get into Harvard? Probably not. Will it be a neat way to communicate with your infant? Yes, or at least, it has been for our family (albeit in our own limited, ad hoc way).

Today I decided to teach her the sign for baby sling. Turns out that you use the signs for “baby” and “carrier.” Click here to see a very serious woman demonstrating this sign for you.

Do it like she does, but please, add a smile and have some fun!


We’re doing it again!

In honor of Mother’s Day, one lucky Sakura Bloom customer will win an entire suite of Sakura Bloom slings!

That’s right, an entire suite of slings!

One Pure or Hana sling,

one linen Simple or Essential sling,

one silk Essential or Artisan sling, and

one tussah silk Luxe sling.

This is an $874-1160 value depending on which slings you choose!

Simply purchase a sling from any Sakura Bloom vendor between today, April 1 and May 11 and you will be entered in the contest. Read here about our last winner, here about the current contest, and best of luck to everyone!

Lots more videos here…

This is a tip for both you and your baby—wide back is for you, high back is for your baby. How’s that for two for the price of one?

When you put on your sling, take the time to make sure that the back is spread out nice and wide across your back. Here’s how to do this:

1. Put the sling on, then put your hand down into the pouch of the sling.

2. Keeping your hand in the pouch, move your hand around to your back, straightening out the fabric and spreading it wide across your back.

3. Once it feels right—-that is, not bunched or narrow, but flat and wide—take your hand out and put in your child!

4. If this sounds like alot, just try it. Once you’ve done it a few times, it should take about 2.5 seconds. No joke. We promise.

The high back part is just as easy. Simply make sure that the fabric comes up high on your child’s back. If the fabric only comes up to your child’s waist or lower back, take the child out of the sling, reopen the pouch with your hand to make sure that you have the sling on correctly (snug and tight against your body, and with enough fabric on the outside rail), and put your child back in.

Wide back, high back, and you’re good to go!

We’re thrilled to announce our newest line of baby slings: the Hana Collectionkiran_hana.jpg.

Soft, strong Belgian linen edged with lustrous dupioni silk.

Stunning, super wearable, machine washable, and offered at $120 each.

We worked hard to craft a baby sling in this price range that still offered our signature Sakura Bloom style and quality. Made of a single-layer of fabric, these are our lightest and coolest slings, yet are still strong and comfortable. They are easy to care for, easy to use, and easy to love!

Available on our website and from select retailers in seven different colorways.

We think you’ll love them as much as we do!

dsc_0069_1.jpgNow that the weather is a bit chilly, a new question presents itself as you head out with your baby in a sling: do I put the sling on over or under my jacket?

Here is where a ring sling really shines.

The adjustability of a ring sling means that you can do either. Wear your sling over your sweater or coat. Or, put your baby in the sling, and then put your jacket on over. Anything is possible with a ring sling!

While we love the over a sweater look for not too chilly days, under a coat or poncho can be just as nice and cuddly.

The Peekaru vest is a reat option for going over both of you. Other coats designed to turn you and your baby into a two-headed hydra are the Suse’s Kinder Babywearing Coat and the Mam Deluxe Babywearing Cover.

Don’t let cold weather stop you from getting out (like we did above in our SB Jewels sling). Over or under or anyway you do it, get on out!

img_1353.jpgIf there is one thing all babies love, its movement. Its no different with a baby sling. Put your baby in, secure the rails snugly around them, and get moving!

Walk. Sway. Vacuum.

Bounce gently on a yoga ball.

Do the can-you-tell-I’m-a-parent because I’m rocking back and forth move.

Dance. Get your groove on.

Movement calms babies and helps them settle comfortably into the sling. So get moving, get that baby smiling, and before you know it, your little one very well might be lulled to sleep.

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