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Just like butter.

One of the beauties of natural fibers like silk and linen is that they move through the rings of a sling like butter. As a result, our Sakura Bloom baby slings adjust like a dream, and then the grippiness of these textiles ensures that they stay put once you have them adjusted.

Here’s a simple trick to make sure your sling always adjusts easily: keep the inner and outer edges of the fabric unbunched in the rings. That is, maintain that the inside and outside rails–the parts you pull on to adjust your sling–are flat and unbunched in the rings. The rest of the fabric can (and should!) be bunched in the rings. Bunch it any way you like. But, keep the edges flat and neat.

For more tips, see our Threading Your Sling instructions. Take the time to make sure your edges are smooth, and you’ll be working the rings like a pro!

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