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Malted Vanilla : Candy Apple : Ribbon Candy : Nuts and Berries!

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Cotton Candy.  Praline.  Mochi.  Rock Candy.  Taffy.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Sakura Bloom is delighted to launch our new Pixie Collection.  This limited edition collection features a single layer of gorgeous striped linen.  In colors as sweet as the candies which inspired them, these slings are strong and supportive but also lightweight and fun.

Perfect for a spring or summer baby.  Perfect for any time!

View the Pixie Collection!



Sakura Bloom is proud to debut our new Linen Artisan Collection. Handcrafted from luscious Irish linens, these new slings are truly one of a kind! Colors selected straight out of nature, and matched with an artisan’s eye, each sling is a wearable work of art. Double-layered and fully reversible, these slings are soft, strong, stylish, and comfortable for you and your child. Our Firefly, French Vanilla, and Taos slings feature bursts of color on the tail, while the Caffe Stripe, Fig Stripe, Freesia Stripe, Honeydew Stripe, and Sakura Bloom Stripe slings feature handpieced stripes that run the entire length of the sling. Every baby deserves one!

Twilight:  Dark blue, the color of the night sky.  Please welcome our three newest slings:  solid twilight from our pure collection, twilight~cloud and twilight~lilac both from our linen essential collection.

Perfect for Father’s Day!  Have you seen our Men in Slings feature?  Check it out here!


Gorgeous new tussah silks for the Sakura Bloom Luxe Collection.  We are thrilled to announce the debut of these six beautiful new colors.  Leaf, Sol, Surf, and Coral are shown below.  Click here to view the full collection.


We welcome four new slings to our Pure CollectionCanyon, Pool, Orchid, and Spice.

We use only the finest Irish linens in colors suitable for both mothers and fathers. Cool to wear, and perfect for all climates, linen is also easy to care for and becomes softer and stronger over time. Handcrafted of a single layer of linen, each sling is lightweight, breathable, and adjustable.

We think not.

Our children’s play slings are crafted from a single layer of handwoven dupioni silk.  They are one-size, washable and adjustable, just like mom’s!


Your choice of Candy Pink (shown), Sky Blue, Jade Green or Freesia Blue.

Just in time for spring!

The Pure Collection is all about comfort and simplicity: our finest Belgian linens in a single layer of sling perfection.

Easy to use, easy to care for, and with unsurpassed Sakura Bloom quality and attention to detail, including our signature bamboo box…..all at $88!

In a gorgeous array of colors: Pebble. Seagrass. Bluejay. Sunrise. Marine (shown here). Twilight. And Raven.

Perfect for mothers. Perfect for fathers. Perfect for you!

The two slings that probably get the most wear time in my wardrobe are wildly different: the colorful Sakura Bloom Stripe silk sling and the simple Midnight linen sling.

The Midnight is my Little Black Sling.

Perfect with just about anything. Disappears when you want it to over blacks, provides a striking contrast over other colors, and always, always looks classy and comfortable. In two layers of the softest Belgian linen you can imagine.

I can’t imagine being without it.

But….if I had to give up my beloved Midnight linen, here’s what I’d replace it with: one of the sassy dupioni trimmed linen slings from our Hana collectionblack with violet, black with ginger, or black with periwinkle.

Or, if I’m allowed to dream, Moondance! Its not black, but its colors are beyond belief and close enough for me!

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