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Follow along with nine of the most influential, trend-setting women in the blogosphere (and their babies!) as they fire up their fashion savvy and compete to style the most fabulous, original outfits around Sakura Bloom slings and key wardrobe pieces.

Here’s the really fun part and where you come in!  the Styleathon is a unique, interactive event designed to  spread the love to our customers and readers, with frequent opportunities to win the same items featured by your favorite bloggers!

Our Lovely Hostess: Leigh of Marvelous Kiddo

Head on over to The Sakura Bloom Styleathon now you are just in time to enter the Round 1 giveaway!

Confused by the recent news from the CPSC regarding baby slings?

We got together today with our friends Meg Barry, babywearing educator, and Kate Glynn from A Child’s Garden in Northampton, MA to make an educational video showing how to properly position an infant in a baby sling.

Proper positioning and use of slings is key, but so also is quality and style.  The CPSC announcement concerns “bag” slings, a very particular style of baby carrier.  Sakura Bloom Baby Slings are “ring” slings, designed very differently, and meant to be worn high and snug, and with baby in an upright position.  Our video demonstrates proper positioning (as does our online library of educational videos), as well as how to tell if your (non-Sakura Bloom) sling is a “bag” sling.

Have questions about using your sling?  Find a babywearing group near you for some hands-on instruction and support (or check your local store–for example, A Child’s Garden has babywearing open hours every 4-6).  In addition, here is a great article on proper positioning in a baby carrier from The Babywearer, an excellent online resource for all things having to do with babywearing.

Babywearing is a skill, something the parent does with a well-constructed safe baby sling, not something the sling does for you.  Take the time to learn how to use your sling properly and you will bring untold benefits to your child and yourself.  The joys of benefits are global and time-tested over centuries and centuries.  We invite you to join us and parents around the world in safely and lovingly using a baby sling!

We’ve got a special treat for you all: an interview with Stephanie from Adventures in Babywearing! Stephanie lives outside of Chicago with her family, including three boys and her youngest, a beautiful little girl named Ivy.  We met this summer and immediately connected.  Stephanie is a force of nature–all positive energy, loving kindness, and a genuine advocate for babywearing and engaged parenting.  She brought her own special charisma to our recent Sakura Bloom Triathlon which was not only a great success, but super fun too.  We’re thrilled to share her interview with you.

We love your blog!  What made you want to start a blog? I had a friend who kept a blog while she and her husband lived in Scotland to keep in touch with family. One day I decided to just start my own! I had just given birth to my third son and was on a new parenting journey- moving to a more Attachment Parenting style. I had a lot to talk about! 🙂

What has delighted and/or surprised you the most about blogging?
I have been so surprised that I’ve been blogging for 4 years now and it’s still not getting old. I continue to find true relationships from it, and I met my closest friends through blogging!

One of the great things about your blog is how it showcases everyday parenting, and babywearing as part of the everyday as well as the extraordinary.  What would you say has been the most “adventurous” part of Adventures in Babywearing? Oh, gee. The most adventurous part of my blog has probably been the many ups and downs of figuring myself out in real life and in the online world. I dipped my toes in reviews and giveaways early on before it was really common or accepted on blogs, and have been able to go on blogging trips and such. I don’t really feel like that is a fit for my blog anymore as it seems to interfere with my parenting style (I don’t like to leave my kids!) but I’m thankful for all the opportunities I’ve had in the past. I tried some things, liked some of them, thought some things were a mistake, and I let everything help me to do better!

What are your favorite babywearing tips for new parents? The new parent babywearing tips I always suggest: Get a ring sling, don’t ONLY do the cradle carry, and just do what feels best for you. There’s no magic number as to how many hours a day you need to wear your baby, or where you should do it. No pressure- it’s all about knowing your child and them knowing you, then you know what’s best for each other.

Its been a blast doing the Sakura Bloom Triathlon with you!  Now that you’ve had the chance to see lots of our slings and try a bunch out, what is your favorite Sakura Bloom sling and why? It’s SO hard to choose my favorite Sakura sling. For a while it was my linen essential sling in the berry~spice. It’s just so beautiful and it feels so good when I wear it. But then I found I was always grabbing the Sakura Stripe silk artisan – no matter if I was just going to the store or somewhere fancy. HOWEVER, my silk luxe sling is something I probably would choose to out of all of them if I have to pick. It’s just amazing. But don’t make me choose! Too hard.I have to consider color and feel and fit and weather and my mood…

A huge Sakura Bloom thanks to Stephanie–for this interview, for the Triathlon, and for always being a bright spot in our day!

Are you following along with the 7 lucky moms of the Sakura Bloom Triathlon?  Lots of fun!  We have just announced the winner of our Round 1 Challenge – The Interview.  Each mom had three questions to answer and the winner receives a $100 gift certificate to fawn&forest!

The questions were:sakura_200by150_animated

  1. What first interested you in babywearing?
  2. How is your personality reflected in your parenting style?
  3. If you could spend a year traveling with your family, where would you go and why?

These interviews were beautiful!  Head over to Adventures in Babywearing to read their answers and find out who we chose as the winner!

Be sure to also follow along on each of our moms blogs!

Becca from Crunchy Yuppie

Brittany from 4 little men & girly twins

Danielle from DGVE Law

Donya from Crooked Eyebrow

Leigh from Marvelous Kiddo

Marcela from 8 year olds & Babies

Sara Sophia from tout-est-des-roses

Round 2 is the Photo Contest.  Stay tuned!


Tell us a little about yourself, your family, and your love of babywearing.
I have 3 children Ella 7, Brennan 4 & Finn 8 weeks. I have been babywearing since my first child was just a few months old and here I am seven years later (where does the time go)! I am a full time Mommy & part time Photographer.I am actually just getting back to work since having Finn and will be wearing him during my upcoming photo sessions.


What was your “a-ha” moment with baby carriers?
When I had my second child I really realized how wonderful babywearing truly is & how important is is to have your hands free!

What is your favorite thing about a ring sling?
I love that it is adjustable giving a perfect fit every time. I also think they are so pretty.


Clearly we’re biased, but we love photos of parents with babies in slings.  What do you like most about photographing infants?
There is nothing more beautiful than capturing the closeness of a parent and child…babywearing creates an amazing closeness. My absolute favorite thing to photograph is an infant in a sling.

What is your Sakura Bloom sling of choice?
Right now we only have our Simple Linen in Organic Raven (which we love) but if I could pick any one it would have to from the Luxe line and probably Moondance.


Thanks to Stephenie and Finn for sharing with us!

Watch as new mom Sara and six week old baby Lexa try out a Sakura Bloom ring sling for the first time.  Kate, owner of A Child’s Garden in Northampton, MA, helps out.

Find all of our instructional videos here.

Six week old baby Lexa and Kate, owner of A Child’s Garden in Northampton, MA, show us how to do the cradle carry and nurse a newborn baby in a Sakura Bloom ring sling.

Find all of our instructional videos here.

Kate, owner of A Child’s Garden in Northampton, MA show us how to nurse baby with in a Sakura Bloom ring sling.

Find all of our instructional videos here.

Three month old Carter and Kate, owner of A Child’s Garden in Northampton, MA show us how to do the Tummy to Tummy Carry with legs out in a Sakura Bloom ring sling.

Find all of our instructional videos here.

Three month old Carter and Kate, owner of A Child’s Garden in Northampton, MA show us how to do the Kangaroo Carry in a Sakura Bloom ring sling.

Find all of our instructional videos here.

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