If you use a baby sling to help you parent, the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance (BCIA) needs your help. Much of the baby sling industry BCIA Business Member:  Gold Levelcurrently exists in a precarious regulatory limbo, which means that your favorite sling manufactures may soon go out of business. Please join the BCIA now to help ensure that babies and parents continue to reap the benefits of babywearing.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has gone on record warning parents about the use of slings, which has damaged the industry’s reputation and market share.* Although the BCIA believes the statement was issued with the best of intentions, the statement is mistaken and seems to be based on the dangerous duffle bag-style carrier that is structurally dissimilar to a standard baby sling. Without a strong and united voice, the industry will continue to deteriorate and could conceivably be regulated out of existence. In the wake of the March 2010 warning, at least two major US manufacturers have ceased operations, and many more will be affected in the US and globally if we do not act.

The BCIA is working with industry experts and legal advisors in forming a Position Paper (also called a White Paper) clarifying the essential nature and indisputable public health benefits of baby carriers.

Additionally, the BCIA is working closely with government, manufacturers, and consumer groups through ASTM International in order to finalize, as soon as possible, a standard that is achievable to both small and large manufacturers.

If you have a stake in the baby carrier industry, whether as a manufacturer, retailer, educator, consumer, or a citizen interested in the well-being of infants and families, please support the BCIA both by joining as a friend or business member and also by spreading the word about our organization and the good work we are doing.

Sakura Bloom is a proud member of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance.