Confused by the recent news from the CPSC regarding baby slings?

We got together today with our friends Meg Barry, babywearing educator, and Kate Glynn from A Child’s Garden in Northampton, MA to make an educational video showing how to properly position an infant in a baby sling.

Proper positioning and use of slings is key, but so also is quality and style.  The CPSC announcement concerns “bag” slings, a very particular style of baby carrier.  Sakura Bloom Baby Slings are “ring” slings, designed very differently, and meant to be worn high and snug, and with baby in an upright position.  Our video demonstrates proper positioning (as does our online library of educational videos), as well as how to tell if your (non-Sakura Bloom) sling is a “bag” sling.

Have questions about using your sling?  Find a babywearing group near you for some hands-on instruction and support (or check your local store–for example, A Child’s Garden has babywearing open hours every 4-6).  In addition, here is a great article on proper positioning in a baby carrier from The Babywearer, an excellent online resource for all things having to do with babywearing.

Babywearing is a skill, something the parent does with a well-constructed safe baby sling, not something the sling does for you.  Take the time to learn how to use your sling properly and you will bring untold benefits to your child and yourself.  The joys of benefits are global and time-tested over centuries and centuries.  We invite you to join us and parents around the world in safely and lovingly using a baby sling!