In this series we are introducing you to our wonderful retailers, the amazing women who are helping us to make the Spread the Love benefit a reality.  Please welcome Monique from Slings & Things in the Netherlands!.

Tell us about a typical day in the life of Monique.
We live in the Netherlands and have three children aged 7 years, 4 years and 22 months. The oldest two go to school five days a week, so I’m busy going to and from school 4 times a day. After school there’s the usual play dates, music lessons, swimming lessons, etc. When the oldest ones are at school, I try to work for my web store Slings & Things, which I enjoy very much. I love to spread the babywearing love! Our youngest is an avid doll wearer herself!

If you could go on vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
We would go to Nepal to visit our friends at Three Sisters Adventure Trekking. We went to Nepal 10 years ago, when none of our kids were born yet. We had a wonderful time trekking through the Anapurna region.  The three sisters were amazing, we would love for them to meet our children!

If you won the $100 giftcard to your own store, Slings & Things, what would you get and why?
Since I already own several Sakura Bloom ring slings, I would choose a long wrap, because that’s our favourite length for back carries. I would really love to own an Ellevill Caelum with silk!

Where can you find Monique online?
Fan Slings & Things on Facebook and catch all of their latest updates.  Local Dutch fans can follow Monique as she tweets in Dutch on Twitter, and you can also find her on Hyves!