In this series we are introducing you to our wonderful retailers, the amazing women who are helping us to make the Spread the Love benefit a reality.  Please welcome Katy from Regarding Peanut in the beautiful Northwest!

Tell us about a typical day in the life of Katy.
I wake up and haul buns to get myself and the Peanut dressed and out the door — without forgetting breakfast, teeth brushing or a jacket!  I drop her off at preschool and then drive through the Starbucks that shares a parking lot with her preschool (NOOO, not the reason I chose that school, just a bonus!).  I  run errands and work for two hours while she’s at school, then I pick her up, come home and make a fantastic, healthy lunch — consisting of PB&J or Mac and Cheese. We spend the afternoon playing — sewing, crafting, drawing, reading, or at playdates.  If we’re at home, I might even try to work a little bit while Peanut plays.  We make and enjoy our dinner together and when daddy gets home from work, he takes care of bath and stories. Once the Peanut is in bed, I can finally get a few more emails answered, some web pages updated, blog posts written, Facebooking done, some web surfing, and general unwinding before it’s time to turn in.  This is our current typical day but, in about 6 weeks, when our new baby arrives, it’s all going upside-down and backwards (and we can’t wait!).

If you could go on vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
One place I’d love to visit but haven’t yet is Savannah, Georgia. I know it sounds simple, but it’s a place I’ve always wanted to go. I have a major love affair with the South and there is so much history in Savannah. I also love ghosts and architecture, and Savannah has plenty of both! Plus, rumor has it, there are some very good restaurants (like The Lady and Son’s by Paula Deen, a favorite!) down there, and I do looove to eat good food. No doubt we’ll make it there someday…at least it’s an attainable goal!

If you won the $100 giftcard to your own store, Regarding Peanut, what would you get and why?
If I won a $100 gift certificate to my shop, I’d honestly probably use it for a Sakura Bloom ring sling (swear, not just saying that!). I love my ring slings, and I love the SB shoulder style for it’s flexibility and comfort.  Plus, it’s a carrier that’s super comfy for newborns, and great as the baby gets older and wants to get up and down, and up and down all the time.

Where can you find Katy online?
Blogging about making parenting a stylish evolution at Regarding Peanut Blog.  You can also keep up to date with the latest happenings at Regarding Peanut by fanning them on Facebook!