Spent the afternoon at the Green Festival in Denver.  Exhausting but inspiring!  And of course….we’ve got a great new find from the fest:ecodough1

Eco-dough from the good peeps at Eco-Kids.

What is eco-dough you ask?  Simply the coolest, best smelling, best feeling play dough that you can imagine.  Its all natural, made from plant, fruit, and vegetable extracts.  Doesn’t dry out at all, and even comes in eco-friendly compostable packaging.

In addition to all this eco-goodness, it passes the kid test 100%.  My two kids sat down at the eco-kids table and dove right in, rolling out the dough with fabu bamboo rollers and cutting out cool shapes with cookie cutters.  5 year old R made 8 tie-dyed hearts and 21 month old L went freestyle with yellow eco-dough.

Smells heavenly and, so I’m told, is edible if your kid pops a bit in their mouth.  They even have a gluten-free version if you have a wheat-averse child fond of dough!

They also have cool eco-fingerpaint, and with the promo code PAM receive 20% off your order!