Welcome to a special edition of our Men In Slings feature! Sakura Bloom is a family company owned by two sisters, and here we present an interview with our brother Eric in Boston. Eric has been slinging his now 11 month old son, Gus, since he was just a few days old. Here they are in the Storm sling from our new Sakura Bloom Men’s Collection.

Your two sisters (Lynne and Carole) own Sakura Bloom, so you pretty much had to try out a baby sling with your son. But, even with knowing how much they loved slings, what surprised you about using a sling?

The biggest surprise was probably how effective it was. I am still amazed how the simple design of the sling works so well at carrying and calming a baby. A calm, relaxed baby equals calm, relaxed first time parents, so the sling quickly became a key part of our daily routine.

How long does it usually take for your baby to fall asleep in your sling?

Usually 10 minutes or so. Walking with Gus in the sling seemed to help settle him down, so I would take laps around the inside of our house- around the 8 or 9 minute mark the snoring would inevitably begin. It took a little practice to master the transfer of a sleeping baby out of the sling, but it soon became second nature.

How long can you carry your baby barehanded? how long in a sling?

I never realized what a workout it is to carry a baby. After 15-20 minutes barehanded, the biceps start to burn a bit and I’ll need to start switching him from arm to arm. Big difference with the sling- I can carry him as long as needed and still do other things with my hands free.

What would your ideal sling look like?

I’ve been asking Lynne and Carole to work on a nice Scottish plaid sling that looks like it could’ve been used on the set of Braveheart, but as of yet, no luck…

What’s the strangest thing you ever found in the pouch of a sling?

A bunch of Cheerios and a quarter. The quarter went right into Gus’ college fund.

(Thanks to Eric and Gus from the whole SB family!)