Still trying to get rid of all the plastic items in your kitchen?  So are we.  And perhaps like most parents, I’ve concentrated on items for my kids, especially my just-turned-one daughter.

The easiest, funnest thing to get rid of so far?

All those colored plastic spoons and forks that seem to multiply when you’re not watching.  If you haven’t already traded them in for stainless kids’ flatwear (check out these from Williams Sonoma), then try these: Bambu kids’ spoons and forks.

We got some from Sprout Soup and my daughter absolutely adores them.  They’re just the right heft for her little hands, the spoon has a great depth to it, and (much to my surprise) she can actually use the fork.

Bambu also makes gorgeous bamboo bowls for little ones (and big people too).

Thanks, Bambu!