Carrying your child in your arms is fine….for a while. Then you start getting tired arms, a tired back, and a tired body. Enter the baby carrier!

Parents have been carrying their children for centuries. Anthropological evidence shows that throughout human history, we have carried children in seated or recline positions. Some of the first carriers were made from bark or other natural fibers. The advent of weaving gave us simple cloth carriers. Many of today’s baby carriers are direct descendants of these early, homemade carriers.

Sakura Bloom Baby Slings proudly carry on the baby carrier tradition, providing a carrier that is ergonomically correct for both parent and child.

Ergonomically correct for parent: the weight of the child is supported across the entirety of your back, rather than just on the shoulders or the hips. Each Sakura Bloom sling spreads wide and comfortably across the back.

Ergonomically correct for children: ring slings (1) position children in either a seated or recline position, and also (2) conform to your growing infant’s spine.

Sakura Bloom Baby Slings: simple, comfortable, natural, and luxurious for you and your baby!