Once again, a parent somewhere came up with the next greatest idea in the world: the combo coffeehouse and playspace.

Brilliant. Just brilliant.

Almost 4 year old R., baby L., and I went to our local here in Boulder—Play Grounds—for the first time today and were immediately smitten. A great menu. Healthy choices, but still enough chocolate to keep Mom (aka me) happy. Nooks and crannies to explore. Things to play with, jump on, climb up. Arts and crafts projects to make.

And, kids everywhere (babies, too) all supervised (more or less) by their parents (well, mostly mothers, though there was at least one father, a handful of grandmothers, and some nannies in attendance too). Best of all: IT WORKED. Again, kids everywhere, and it felt more like safe and organized fun than random chaos.

We’re already plotting our return and calling friends to tell them about it.

Wishing there was something similar where you are? There might be already. Here are some other parent/kid coffeehouses we’ve heard about (and if you want to add one near you to the list, just send us an email!):

Calgary: Coffee and Scream and Jump ‘n’ Java

Chandler, AZ: Way 2 Play Cafe

Detroit area: Jungle Java

LA area: Swork

Marietta, GA: The Coffee Park

Montreal: Maman, Bebe, et Cafe and Cafe Kavaloo

New York City: AppleSeeds

Oakland, CA: Play Cafe and Tumble and Tea (shown in above photo)

Portland, OR: Cafe Au Play (coming soon)

San Diego: Java Mama

Toronto (Mississauga): Gingerbread Lane

Woodinville, WA: Tot Spot Cafe