Getting two small children to bed is no small task. To ease things in this department, I recently decided to start a new bedtime ritual: a nightly massage for both my infant and my preschooler.

Off I went to my local natural grocery store in search of a calming massage oil for children. To my surprise (as it seems there are massage oils for everything these days), there was none.

Not to worry though as one of the herbalists had the perfect solution: Aura Cacia apricot kernel oil, unscented, to which she added ten drops of German Chamomile essential oil.

It turns out that German Chamomile is just the thing to get little ones (and moms, too!) ready for bed. Believe me, it smells absolutely dreamy.

So, get yourself to your local natural pharmacy (ours is Pharmaca), search out the German Chamomile (not the Roman, which has different properties), and get massaging! Need help in the actual massage department? Check out our earlier post on infant massage.