Sound simple? It is.

Putting on a baby sling is absolutely as easy as pie. That doesn’t mean we don’t have some tricks up our sleeve for how to do it!

1. We both like to put the sling on our non-dominant shoulder, leaving our dominant arm fully free.

2. Put your dominant arm through the sling loop, and put the sling on your opposite shoulder.

3. Make sure the rings are high so that your pouch will be the right size for your baby.

4. Spread fabric wide in the back.

5. Adjust the rails, put your baby in, and you are ready!

Sound hard? Its not. Once you’ve got it down, this should all take 5-10 seconds.

Check out our video demonstration for How to Put Your Sling On to see just how to do it.

Have any other tips? Feel free to share them here!