The two slings that probably get the most wear time in my wardrobe are wildly different: the colorful Sakura Bloom Stripe silk sling and the simple Midnight linen sling.

The Midnight is my Little Black Sling.

Perfect with just about anything. Disappears when you want it to over blacks, provides a striking contrast over other colors, and always, always looks classy and comfortable. In two layers of the softest Belgian linen you can imagine.

I can’t imagine being without it.

But….if I had to give up my beloved Midnight linen, here’s what I’d replace it with: one of the sassy dupioni trimmed linen slings from our Hana collectionblack with violet, black with ginger, or black with periwinkle.

Or, if I’m allowed to dream, Moondance! Its not black, but its colors are beyond belief and close enough for me!