kettmade1.jpgLike just about everyone else we know, we’re trying to get rid of excessive plastic in our lives. You know, the plastic things that you never really noticed before, the ones that have just always been there, especially in the kitchen.

One casualty of my new plastic-be-gone mode are all my son’s plastic utensils (okay, maybe not all of them, but most of them). And with Baby L’s six month “first food” ritual pending this weekend, it was time for some baby spoons worthy of the task.

Enter Kett Made wooden spoons.

Hand made in Ontario by Mark Kett, a professional luthier (that’s a guitar maker for all you civilians out there), from a range of beautiful woods, these are spoons that you cannot wait to use.

Ebony. Snakewood. Curly Maple. Purpleheart. Bubinga. Each more gorgeous than the one that came before it. Shaped perfectly for feeding a little one or for them to hold when they are ready.

Kett Made: Fine Woods. Craftsmanship. An elegant, safe alternative to plasticwear. Get your spoons and serving utensils at their etsy shop and happy eating!

This is part of a series on cool Canadian things!