What is it about the Netherlands?

This summer, I innocently walked into a baby + kids’ boutique in Aspen. Nothing in there looked like anything I had ever seen before.

The colors. The styles. The designs.

I asked the store owner where she did her buying and she simply said, “I’m Dutch.”

Two months later my daughter was born and one of her gifts was an amazing outfit from the Dutch company Imps and Elfs. A cotton top in the same red print as the dress shown here, with matching knit pants. It immediately became one of our favorite outfits and one that stands out for being not just stylish, but different. Gorgeously different.

Imps and Elfs founder Jacqueline Streng lists the following children’s attributes as her inspiration:

Smile. Pureness. Happiness. Sense of Humor. Most precious gift on earth.

We adore her vision and love her clothes, many of which are fair trade and organic.

Three of my current faves are shown here: the purple star blouse, the purple top, and pink top (also available in brown).

And, rather then having to go all the way to Amsterdam (not that there’s anything wrong with that), you can find Imps and Elfs clothes online and in person in the USA at Sons and Daughters NYC (among other locations) and in the U.K., at Orfeo.