Mommies With Style is one of our favorite mom sites: lots of good info, tips, message boards, coupon codes, and more. They’re hip to the latest, greatest products and more than once we’ve wished we could go raid their offices. What a little-kid-in-the-candy-store kind of pleasure that would be!

Just yesterday, MWS columnist Ciaran offered up her favorite picks for 2007. Check out her fantastic choices, including the Ubi Baby changing table, which we also saw and fell in love with at the ABC show in Las Vegas; Tiny Revolutionary shirts for infants and toddlers (we love them all, but our current favorite is the “War is Poop” one); Deglingos stuffed toys which are perfect for hipster babies everywhere; and tons of other irresistible, high quality, well thought-out gear (including, we’re happy to report, Sakura Bloom Baby Slings).

If 2007 looked this good, we can’t wait to see what 2008 brings!