We just must share our newest favorite holiday song. (Well, its really an old, traditional song that we’ve been singing year-round, but so be it.)

Its “Come and I Will Sing You” as sung by Great Big Sea, from the “tropical island of Newfoundland” for those of you who have not yet encountered these amazing boys from up north.

Come and I Will Sing You is a call-and-response song (perfect for toddlers) combined with a counting backward song (a la Twelve Days of Christmas; also perfect for toddlers).

Come and I will sing you.

What will you sing me?

I will sing you one-o.

What will the one be?

One the one that’s all alone and ever more shall be, so…..

And on the song goes, all the way through 12 and back down to 1. Its next to impossible to understand what each of the lines is as sung (and if you’re like me, you’ll just make it up as you go rather than google the lyrics), but part of the fun of singing it can be to create your own verses with your kids.

Listen to the entire song here, or check out this You Tube puppet version.