Swoon, swoon, swoon.

These gorgeous Italian-made baby clothes (and big kids, too) just need to be seen in person. Online photos just do not do them justice.

Album di Famiglia presents high-end clothes that are instant classics: beautifully cut, handsome fabrics and colors, lush to the touch, and modern, attractive designs.

We first saw them at Sons and Daughters in NYC; if you’re in the city, Estella-NYC also has a great selection. In the UK, shop Little Fashion Gallery or Elias and Grace. And in Italy, well, if you’re in Italy you probably don’t need us to tell you where to find tailored baby clothes!

Check out the Pupa Onesie Dress from this past fall’s collection; in sand, grey, and black, its a gorgeous design for an infant girl. For my son, the Kimono Down Coat. I’m also lusting after the Summer Onesie from last summer; if anyone has a size large they wouldn’t mind parting with, I know a sweet baby who will wear it well.

As for you, what to wear with Album di Famiglia? Simple. One of our Sakura Bloom linen baby slings. Try our Storm or Midnight solid slings. Or, our Midnight-Flax reversible sling. A perfect pairing with Album di Famiglia!