We’re all about mothers as inventors and entrepreneurs, and really, about mothers as the first superheroes this world as seen.

But we also believe in the power of sisters, and so when we met the two sisters behind Myself Belts last year, we knew that they weren’t going to be successful just because they had an amazing product.


They had a BRILLIANT product.

And they were sisters to boot (not unlike the sisters behind another business we know and love).

Here’s what it is: Myself Belts. Belts that your toddler can do and undo by her or himself. Really. Honestly. No kidding!

My skinny toddler’s pants were always falling down. Myself Belts to the rescue! The ingenious design loops securely around a belt loop, then threads through the rest of the loops like a regular belt, and secures in front with velcro. All your child has to do is un-velcro and re-velcro as needed and voila!, his or her pants will stay up.

My little guy has two; one in brown leather and one red ABC belt. He adores them which is important, but even better—they work. We love them.

They’d be perfect for gifts as well, and they offer free shipping for orders of two or more! Run, don’t walk, and get your favorite toddler some!