Every day, everywhere…..

To read this book is to love it.

The text is gorgeous to read, not just for its rhymes, but for its message. All babies, all families, all making their way in this world roll by roll, drool by drool, step by step, just like real babies do.

The illustrations are adorable, and when younger, my son was convinced that he knew all the babies in the book. There is a familiarity, a realness, to the illustrations that makes them all the more endearing.

Our favorite part, of course, is the page that goes: “Every day, everywhere, babies are carried: in front packs, in back packs, in slings and in strollers, in car seats, and bike seats, and on Daddy’s shoulders.”

Everywhere Babies is simply a must-have for every baby’s library. Its a book you smile as you think about and memorize without even trying. Its a book that will make you happy.

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