Outside my window, a classic New England snowstorm is raging. Thanksgiving is approaching and while I’m partially transported to textbook white holidays from years gone by, what I’m mostly longing for is not cheddar cheese and apple pie (although that is delicious), but a southwestern holiday. All green chile and posole and a little ol’ Japanese spa outside of Santa Fe called Ten Thousand Waves.

What? A Japanese spa in New Mexico?

You heard me right.

In a snowfall like this, there is no place I would rather be than one of the outdoor hot tubs at Ten Thousand Waves. Secluded on the side of a mountain, surrounded by pines and pinons, with the amazing New Mexican sky above, I would soak away until I melted.

And what parent does not sometimes need to soak away until they melt?

They have public and communal baths just like in Japan, as well as private baths. And we’re talking private as in regular private, premium private, and super premium.

I’m feeling relaxed already.

Some of the pools are outdoors, some are covered but with open access. Each would let you enjoy the snow falling as you soaked in the tubs. Sheer joy for your body.

Follow up your soak with some of their amazing cedar body lotion and a spectacular dinner in Santa Fe (Pasqual’s is a long term favorite of mine).

Really, if you can at all get yourself to New Mexico you must. Ten Thousand Waves—the tubs, the cold plunges, the sauna—and everything else the state has to offer from food to historical sights to the land, the light, and beyond. Believe me, your entire body will thank you!