dsc_0069_1.jpgNow that the weather is a bit chilly, a new question presents itself as you head out with your baby in a sling: do I put the sling on over or under my jacket?

Here is where a ring sling really shines.

The adjustability of a ring sling means that you can do either. Wear your sling over your sweater or coat. Or, put your baby in the sling, and then put your jacket on over. Anything is possible with a ring sling!

While we love the over a sweater look for not too chilly days, under a coat or poncho can be just as nice and cuddly.

The Peekaru vest is a reat option for going over both of you. Other coats designed to turn you and your baby into a two-headed hydra are the Suse’s Kinder Babywearing Coat and the Mam Deluxe Babywearing Cover.

Don’t let cold weather stop you from getting out (like we did above in our SB Jewels sling). Over or under or anyway you do it, get on out!