The only thing better than writing a letter is receiving one. Sadly, in this day of email Bluetooth, Skype, videoconferencing, and a million other ways to shorten the distance between here and there, letter writing has become a lost art.

Along with many others, we mourn the passing of the letter. There’s still the thrill of finding a letter in the mailbox, but their numbers have dwindled over the last decade. And we yearn for a nice quiet half hour to make a cup of tea, sit down in a comfy chair, and write a letter to a friend.

I have a box, a big box, that I keep filled with stationery collected on my travels around the world or in stores here in my town, with cards tucked away for specific birthdays or occasions, with boxes of thank you notes and monogrammed stationery, and with my favorite pens for writing. Alongside the box is a smaller box for my three year old son; I’m trying to cultivate the letter-writing love (or at a minimum, letter-writing courtesy) in him with his very own set of blank, brightly colored envelopes and notecards for him to draw on and mail.

He recently made a card for his ninety-something great-grandmother who likes to tuck a few dollars into each card she sends to him. He drew some pictures on it, put a stamp on the envelope, and then dictated his message to me. It went like this: “Dear G-Nana, I love you. Please send me some money.”

At least he started with I love you.

Looking for some good stationery for your kids? Cool Mom Picks always has great recommendations. For myself, I’m a sucker for anything that is letter pressed; check out Paper Monkey Press for some hip SF style like these wood block note cards.

And, I love the new Nantaka Joy line which has great colors and design and just screams out for a nice cuppa to go with it!

So, sometime this week, think of someone you love, gather up some beautiful stationery, create a space for writing—a physical space, a mental space, a delicious space!—and write to that person. We promise that no matter what their age (or whether or not you tuck a dollar inside the envelope), they’ll be thrilled to hear from you.