New York, New York, big city of dreams…

We’re just back from a wonderful trip to New York. First, the ENK trade show where we met some fantastic people from around the world and picked up some great new stores.enkbooth_blog.jpg

As at the ABC show in Las Vegas, our booth itself was as big a hit as our slings. The entire booth is made of recycled materials—reclaimed wood for the frame and tables, paper made from recycled yogurt containers for our photographs, and wood from old wine barrels for our chairs. A 100% eco-friendly booth that is just gorgeous! Seeing all of our linen and silk slings against the dark wood of the booth is really something. As pretty as the slings look in photos, seeing them in person, feeling them, and trying them on takes it to another level entirely!

Next, we headed uptown to Metro Minis for a trunk show. We brought our entire wholesale collection of slings, including all of the Luxe Collection. metrominis_blog.jpgIt was so much fun meeting moms (and one dad!), their babies and toddlers from throughout the New York Metro area. Everyone was trying on slings, children were playing, and the place was hopping. All who purchased a sling at the event were entered in a drawing for a free sling; one lucky mother–Sarah from New Jersey–won a Luxe Collection sling (retail value $540).

To all we met at ENK and Metro Minis: enjoy your new slings and we look forward to catching up with you all again soon!